Tuesday’s Ladies & Dudes Ride

Lt. Murray to the Yakima River 2023

Yes, there was a Dude!

Memorial Weekend Campout at BBQ Flatts

(Memorial Day weekend) was our chapter ride and campout at BBQ flats.  We had a good turnout!!!  We had our regular Saturday evening potluck.  I went up Thursday & left Monday.  It was close enough for those that wanted to just come out for day rides.

Rendezvous 2023 Cross Cut Sawing was hosted by Wenas Valley Chapter

This event was fun for all who participated. Young, old, men, women and kids all tried their hand at cross cutting logs in a timed competition.

Jill Breeze & Shari Tayer try their hand at Cross Cut Competition. “Faster” Jill yelled!
Table Judges, Robin, Faye & Sue
Al Norrbum coaching
Sandra Ihly as she gave it her best!
Jill Breeze, Wenas Valley Chapter President and Jim Breeze (Hubby) at the Rendezvous Dinner and Auction Fundraiser for the BCHW 2023 where most Washington Chapters were present.
Giving honor where honor’s due.
Next Chapter Meeting June 8th, 2023

BCHW Wenas Valley is committed to ensuring that all of its members have access to a full ride schedule. However all Chapter rides are for current members and invited guests only. Only Members can register for the ride and learn more by clicking on the Members Only page. You are welcome to join and become a member! Send us a contact message and/or attend a membership meeting for more information.

Chapter Ride Memories

Event happens in Zillah

Annual Halloween/Wine Ride Saturday will be October 29, 2023.

Photos from 2022 BCHW Annual Wine Ride

Linea enjoying the ride
Best Group Winners
Thanks, Faye for feeding the volunteers.
Sherry & Shari helped setup parking for the Wine ride.
Mayling rode the wine ride.

Fall 2015

Summer 2016

Not all that wander are lost from High Desserts to the Forested Mountains.

Spring 2022

Consider becoming a member and join in the fun!

Yakima Magazine

Let’s ride.

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