Meetings are held the 2nd Thursday of each month at 7pm.
Next Wenas Valley Chapter meeting will be at the home of Robin Faulks,1504 Stein Rd., Yakima: June 8th, 2023 at.

“Summer meetings are:

June at Robin Faulk’s

July will be held at the ride at Sahara horse camp (if needing to address anything)

August at Ranae Steven’s”

informed Jill Breeze, Chapter President.


2023 Chapter Officers

President: Jill Breeze  509-945-7086

Vice President: Sherrie Murphy 509-494-9860

Secretary: Ranae Stevens     509-697-2003

Treasurer/Membership: Sandra Ihly  509-930-9052

Director: Marcy Norrbom  206-930-8855

Alternate Director: Huston Osborn  509-420-0503

Historian: Jim and Jill Breeze Jim 509-840-3367 Jill 509-945-7086  

LNT: Faye Bradford 509-952-0123

Newsletter Editor: Elizabeth Osborn  509-305-6302

Trail Hosts: See Ride Schedule

Volunteer Hours: Chrissie Tomlin   509-731-5919

Facebook: David Archer  509-388-5804

Sunshine Funds: open

Webpage: Linea Jimenez  509 439-9284

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